The Architect (2009)

by Infinite Design

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This album rolls out at you like a tank crushing your grandmother while it's snare drum machine gun vivisects the rest of your family. The disc fits into the prog/death metal genre in that it constantly jars the listener with different and brutal musical changes, never settling into a groove or consistent feel. As complex as the ideas are, the execution is loose and organic, never crossing over into being mechanical - this tank is made of meat and bone. Kin to The Black Dahlia Murder, grunty and screechy vocals focus the music into a violent and frenetic mess.

-Ryan Cunningham

Some sort of musical beast, here to destroy every stage set foot on. Like an erupting, mega-death-grind monster filled full of anger. Blasting straight through your skull to your brain. The brand new EP entitled “The Architect”, is powerful and loud. Almost the way you can feel a firework’s repercussion crush your chest. Fighting for survival within an over saturated music scene, Infinite Design is set to make their mark on society before any type of departure from the music world.



released November 15, 2009

All music and lyrics written by Infinite Design
Recorded at Sinergy Studios
Mastered at Azmiuth Mastering


all rights reserved



Infinite Design Muskegon, Michigan

As 2012 came to a close, Infinite Design went into Exit Doors Productions to record their full length album "Fragments". The album features guest vocals from Adam Cody (Wretched/Glass Casket/Columns) and Addrok Garvey (ex-Infinite Design/ ex-Bury The Silence). The album was mastered by Jamie King (Between The Buried and Me/Glass Casket). The new full length album "Fragments" is now available! ... more

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Track Name: Skeleton Key
Skeleton Key
Evaluation at hand, evidence is so apparent.
All who don't see will, have an expensive price to pay.
Financial down fall, for eyes that don't see.
This unfolding of, technical development.
Human body has made such change, mind must except needed growth.
Don't hang on to past lives, pain is always a part of enlargement process.
Practical horizons . fit in our master peace . to reach a higher degree
Knowledge is a skeleton, key search is out to find it.
Open minds and bright eyes will see, the rest is deceased.
Increase enlarge this is the key, this is the key.
Intake gain strength open all doors, open all doors.
Intensify enhance now this is the key, this is the key.
Progress produce proceed, this is the key, this is the key.

Open all doors and gates, break through all barriers.
Bust through barricades, that stand in our way.
Machine produce, legitimate progress.
Process of creativity, pushing through ordinary goals.
War is inevitable, agonizing peace of the process.
Sons improve on fathers invention, our world must unite.
Exchange trades and commodity's writings on the wall, not so obvious.
To reach a common goal .
Track Name: Symbiotic Infusion
Symbiotic Infusion

The answer is there
Within all of us
All of us within
The beginning started
So far away

A travel of origins-
Through space and time
A make up of atoms taking form
Atoms taking form

The end of species is the beginning of ours
Iraduim lies with in the crust
An interpretation now reads like a book
How many questions without answers

Without each other we have nothing
Together as one- all happening for a reason
So here we meet- nice to know you-
we are more alike then will ever know
When the comets fell and the dust settled
The birth of a star symbiotic infusion

symbiotic infusion
Track Name: Mutually Assured Destruction
Mutually Assured Destruction

Murder kill for good
asunder instill your hood
Nocturnal time for evil
biblical thine principals
eye for eyes-mutually life ending
eye for eyes-assured blood spilling
eye for eyes-destruct you legacy
eyes for eye

cryptic way of life
apocalyptic day and night
people of Satan
evil war raging
I'm coming back for your eyes...
Track Name: Fallen Sands of Life Lines
Fallen Sands & Life Lines
Government issued hour glass, life time is to much to ask
Progress definition found, in a book i haven't yet read
In the gallows of the time the rope, burning stings more everyday
Boy becomes a man a step closer, to thee understanding

Try to take advantage
Live for the moment never forget
Its gone before we know it

One more minute spent like a dollar / A debt we owe

Try take advantage / never forget

Perseverance and the death closer race
For some another idle falls, another sunset never seem to cherish
What we want instead of what we need

One more minute spent like a dollar
A debt we owe and can never repay
The thing you never get back

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